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Budget 2014: Public Service gains/losses

This visualisation shows which portfolios are gaining or losing staff comparing the Budget 2013 with Budget 2014.

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Post at Etwas Loft: The Environment Portfolio – Budget 2014

In this post Ketan Josh considers the Federal Budget 2014 impact on the Environment Portfolio. Again using a Datawrapper created graphs to help highlight the point.

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Post at Etwas Loft: Environment Programs – Budget 2014 – ARENA’s axing

Ketan Josh published a post with a couple of Datawrapper enabled graphs. It’s worth a look for how well a couple of well placed graphs can help communicate a message, in this case, what’s happening to the funding for environment related programs.

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Declining ratio of Australian Public Servants to Australian Population

This post uses a couple of visualisations of the Federal Budget 2014 to examine the rate of growth or decline for the Australian Public Service.

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And Thunderbirds are go …

We are off and racing with the Federal Budget 2014 is now available on-line to all those who weren’t in the lockup. Here is a wordcloud of the budget speech (using wordle)

Reference table: #1 – Linking Federal Electorates to Postcodes

You’ve downloaded some fantastic data from, say, and it is by post-code and you’d like to map to Federal Electorate. I’ve found two sources for this information: A download from the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) website; and Table 2 – Postcodes by electoral division from the Australian Parliament House (APH) website. I think the …

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A couple of How to’s added

A couple of how-to pages have been added, more to follow.