Budget 2014: Public Service gains/losses

This visualisation shows which portfolios are gaining or losing staff comparing the Budget 2013 with Budget 2014.
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Post at Etwas Loft: The Environment Portfolio – Budget 2014

In this post Ketan Josh considers the Federal Budget 2014 impact on the Environment Portfolio. Again using a Datawrapper created graphs to help highlight the point.
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Post at Etwas Loft: Environment Programs – Budget 2014 – ARENA’s axing

Ketan Josh published a post with a couple of Datawrapper enabled graphs. It’s worth a look for how well a couple of well placed graphs can help communicate a message, in this case, what’s happening to the funding for environment related programs.
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Australian Budget Explorer by Racingtadpole (aka Arthur Street)

A good example of how visualisation can be done using BudgetAus enabled data has been created by the RacingTadpole (aka. Arthur Street).

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Declining ratio of Australian Public Servants to Australian Population

This post uses a couple of visualisations of the Federal Budget 2014 to examine the rate of growth or decline for the Australian Public Service.
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And Thunderbirds are go …

We are off and racing with the Federal Budget 2014 is now available on-line to all those who weren’t in the lockup.

Here is a wordcloud of the budget speech (using wordle)

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 6.38.29 pm

Reference table: #1 – Linking Federal Electorates to Postcodes

You’ve downloaded some fantastic data from, say, Data.gov.au and it is by post-code and you’d like to map to Federal Electorate. I’ve found two sources for this information:

I think the AEC is a more up-to-date resource as it takes into account any electoral boundary changes, however if it is unavailable (as it seems to be at the time of writing), you can fall back on the one from the APH source.

If you do use AEC data please note the licensing requirements (such as here).

A couple of How to’s added

A couple of how-to pages have been added, more to follow.

Openbudget + Opendata + Collaboration = more informed electorate

In support of the open budget project being led by Rosie Williams this domain has been donated.

The structure and nature of this site will be changing quite a bit over coming days.